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Dixie Belle Glazes are luminous water-based colors used to create gorgeous decorative finishes such as stippling, burnishing, aging, and color washing.

You can create unique Faux finishes while adding depth and dimensions to your project. Our Glazes can be intermixed or layered to create your own unique colors.

Available in nine colors: Grunge, Van Dyke Brown, Black, Whitewash, Pearlescent, Gold Shimmer, Hi Ho Silver, Copper Bronze, Sapphire Pearl :

Grunge Glaze has an earthy, grimy appearance to bring out details in your piece!
Van Dyke Brown is a warm, earthy brown creating a worn, aged look.
Black Glaze may look blue while wet in the container or when you apply it to your project but it will dry to true black, trust us!
Whitewash Glaze can give a washed-out sun-faded look, a farmhouse look, or even something straight from Restoration Hardware. Whitewash Glaze can be used on painted furniture, natural wood, fireplaces, cabinets, and more. One of the easiest ways to lighten and give your piece a truly organic look.
Pearlescent Glaze is colorless and resembles the sheen of pearls inside an oyster.
Gold Shimmer Glaze is cool and understated, but can be layered for a rich, glam aesthetic!
Hi Ho Silver Glaze adds a hint of silver creating the perfect blend of sophistication and charm. Pair this glaze with a neutral tone or pop of color to create unique interest to your furniture piece!
Copper Bronze Glaze adds a warm, shimmery blend of copper and bronze tones to your project for a very old world look!
Sapphire Pearl is a blue toned shimmery glaze. Use over any teal or blue to get a watery feel and movement!

To use the Glazes:

-Apply the glaze to a clean surface in small sections, using a brush or a cloth.
-Wipe away excess glaze or add more if necessary.
-Dry time varies. However, you usually have 10-20 minutes to work with the glaze before it dries completely.


grunge, van dyke brown, black, whitewash, pearlescent, gold shimmer, hi ho silver, copper bronze, sapphire pearl


4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz



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